Antonio Scurati at “8 e mezzo”

The author's hope: “We must have faith in the youngsters, the teens, who seem moved by a propulsive thrust. Our left wing parties need to find a language to speak to the last – as in the latest born – in. I see no alternative.” see now

Antonio Scurati for Al Jazeera

Antonio Scurati's personal views on Mussolini's regime and on how Italy could get back to embrace fascist ideologies that we believe gone forever. see now

Coronavirus: Antonio Scurati on an empty Milan

Antonio Scurati dedicates a moving reflection about Milan, empty because of the COVID-19 lockdown. see now

In Milan with Antonio Scurati

In Lombardy Annalena Benini meets Antonio Scurati. They visit together some Milanese places dear to the writer and, exclusively, Scurati's study, where he works and used to live as a student. see now