Fanaticism at “Lessico Civile”

Episode of “Lessico Civile” dedicated to fundamentalism and fanaticism, a pathology leading to one's blind and mesmerizing identification with a political, religious or sectarian cause. see now

Nowadays reality is surpassing fiction

“There is a strong need for history: today we live in a time I like to call ‘a news time’, meaning that we feel excluded from history”. Antonio Scurati explains the success of historical novels. see now

Mussolini, the essence of Fascism and his black legend: Antonio Scuratis' analysis

What was the essence of Fascism, if one ever was? The answer is yes: Fascism had an essence, which cleans out all those false myths about a “statist” Mussolini, who in a certain phase “did something good” before sinking into violence. see now

How did Benito Mussolini get the power?

What enabled Benito Mussolini to get to the power in Italy? The dynamics are unsettling but they must be fully understood to prevent it from happening again. see now