Why does Benito Mussolini resemble today's populist leaders?

Antonio Scurati reflects on Benito Mussolini as the archetype of contemporary populist, who reduces life to his own moods and builds his political leadership indulging the crowd. Who was the Duce, actually? see now

Quante storie

Antonio Scurati is Corrado Augias' guest at “Quante Storie” and tells about his novel “M. Il figlio del secolo”, an all-round portrait of Benito Mussolini. see now

Mussolini, the Son of the Century

The story of the events which led to the foundation, in 1919, of the Fasci di Combattimento, the murder of Giacomo Matteotti and the rise of the dictatorship, through a selection of readings from Antonio Scurati's novel “M. Il figlio del secolo”, interpreted by three great Italian actors. see now