Selfie with Mussolini: previously unknown clips at the Cineteca di Milano

Some unusual visual documents prove a Duce different from the one seen in the official regime shots. Antonio Scurati presents them.

It is an uncommon Benito Mussolini the one we see in Luca Comerio's 1922 clip, some months before the seize of the power. He is not the upright, emphatic, stiff and almost divinized man we see in the later official images of the Istituto Luce. On the contrary, he lets himself be filmed together with his squadristi, just like today politicians do with selfies. He wants to show his own belonging to the movement.

These films are available on the website of the Cineteca: and are mostly unseen. They are introduced by Matteo Pavesi and Antonio Scurati, author of M. Il figlio del secolo (Bompiani), a novel about Mussolini between 1919 and 1925.